Why Surrogate?

Surrogate Technology Management Inc. provides reliable, professional, and secure IT services. We are genuinely interested in IT, skilled at working in diverse business environments, and invested in supporting our customers. 


"We have been very impressed with the service provided by Surrogate Technology Management.  The guys listen to our needs and “get it” very quickly.  They respond to our service needs almost immediately, and address problems effectively.  They are very easy to work with and seem to appreciate their customers, and their needs!”

Susan Thorne
Office Manager Coles Insurance Group

"Surrogate has a great team of employees that are ever ready to assist their customers with the smallest issues to rebuilding entire server platforms to make thing run consistently better and more efficiently. I, personally, have had first-hand experience with their dedication and expertise. I had several instances of severe computer issues this past winter and there was no hesitation from Surrogate to web-ex into my computer to try and fix it. When it became apparent (on a Friday afternoon) that this was not a simple fix and the computer needed to be stripped and rebuilt I asked if I could bring it to them to have it rebuilt for the following week. The answer was a resounding Yes! Todd, one of the technicians with Surrogate, kept in communication with me all weekend, step by step, and once it was rebuilt and ready for install at our facility he met me at their offices for pick up on a Sunday afternoon. I was back up and running by Monday morning. Amazing customer service, they always go the extra mile and truly understand the importance of properly functioning IT equipment.”

Dawn Boutilier
Finance Manager, TMW LTD

"We needed an IT company that was agile and skilled to handle our ever-growing needs. I called Surrogate and have been extremely satisfied with the services provided. They do both project planning and implementation and also work with industry partners on our behalf. Their service to us also includes bid package assessment, overall security, networking, and help desk support. Our environment is fast-paced and, as a gold mine, it can get really dusty, which leads to ongoing equipment needs. Whatever the issue, Surrogate is on top of things. In short, they have gone above and beyond and demonstrated a high-degree of professionalism, skill, and responsiveness.”

Brian Wilson
Site Cost Controller Atlantic Gold

"Since SurrTech revised our network infrastructure, we have noticed a significant decrease in IT related errors. SurrTech staff are professional, knowledgeable, provide accurate estimates, and respond to our needs immediately with minimal impact on our day to day operations.  With their support being provided both remotely and in-person, it’s like we have our own in-house IT department.”

Shawn Kersey
President Data Wiring Solutions Inc.

"We have been working with Surrogate since 2011. Their customer service is simply the best! We run 7/24/365 in a highly competitive industry that is based largely on customer service, so, when partnering with an IT firm, it was important that they be similarly focused in order for us to deliver to our customers. In addition to great customer attention, I also wanted an IT company who would help me asses where we were, identify immediate areas of concern but also help develop a road map on IT planning and maintenance and expenditures so that we do not manage from crisis to crisis. There was more front-end work and problem solving in the beginning, however we are far more stable and consistent than any other property I have ever run, including properties where IT was handled “in house”. Surrogate is a good fit for us because we are looking at longer term stability and planning. We still have issues that come up and they are dealt with quickly and efficiently. However, those are much fewer now than before we partnered with Surrogate. Overall rating 10/10.”

Frank LaLeune
General Manager Courtyard Halifax Downtown