Our Team

Andrew Dobson, President

Andrew has spent his entire career understanding, managing, and improving IT infrastructure within business environments ranging from single person companies to large enterprise organizations. Whether working locally or globally, he believes that seamless IT operations are the result of proactive planning, professional execution, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. 

Bill Richards, Senior IT Analyst

In a career that spans over two decades, Bill has worked his way up from a Network and Desktop Technician to a Systems Administrator. His areas of responsibility have involved the support, implementation and planning of the systems required to meet business needs and goals. Examples of Bill’s expertise include Cisco routers, firewalls, ethernet, and fibre switches. He is adept at supporting end users and has provided end user and technician support training.

Clare O'Connor, Operations Director

Clare specializes in strategic planning, project management, and customer engagement. She also likes to write policies and procedures aimed at keeping businesses focused and their data secure. 

Emma Dobson, Accounting Services Coordinator

Emma helps ensure all our accounting needs, processes and reporting are addressed efficiently and effectively. She is also the brains behind the multiple facets of our Power to Give Program. Emma’s ingenuity and strong work ethic are recognized by staff and customers alike.

Kevin Power, Procurement/Project Manager

Kevin has worked as a project manager/contract administrator for over 20 years. He has a proven track record when it comes to the management/administration of projects from inception to completion. Kevin also has a demonstrated ability to communicate and coordinate with all individuals involved in a project and enables greater understanding of the larger picture. He also offers the Surrogate team a wealth of knowledge when it comes to AutoCad, project management software, and overall documentation.

Tim MacPherson, Senior IT Analyst

Besides being a skilled photographer and graphic designer, Tim has a knack for finding solutions and supporting our customers when implementing those solutions. He is also our Office 365 migration lead.

Victoria Forhan, IT Analyst

Victoria graduated with honours from the NSCC's IT Systems Management and Security Program. As a student, she won the Surrogate Technology Power Forward Award, an annual award designed to support IT education. We're excited that Victoria is now a full-time member of our team supporting both the help desk and infrastructure sides of the company.