The Power To Give

The impact of COVID-19 has been tremendous. In asking ourselves how we could help, our charitable giving program was created. Three awards were developed and designed to reach as many as possible. 

1. Power Forward Award: Encouraging IT Education

With this award, we are supporting those looking to pursue an IT career and contributing to a stronger IT sector in Nova Scotia. This award also recognizes the need to support more female engagement in IT. It features two education awards for students of the Nova Scotia Community College, an entrance scholarship and a sponsorship award for a second-year student. Both will be given annually. More information on the sponsorship award, including how to apply, is available on Nova Scotia Community College website. Information regarding the entrance scholarship will be forthcoming.

2. Power of Access: Equal Opportunity Learning 

Internet access and computers are as essential in today’s learning environment as a pencil and paper were to those of previous generations. We offer the power of access by donating computing devices to specific charities that support families in need of a little extra help. Charities having received brand new Chrome Books include Family SOS, Phoenix Youth Programs and Chisholm Services for Children.

3. Power to Pass It On: Staff Choice Award

The dedicated professionals who work for our company are also community conscious. This is a quality we admire and look for in those we hire. With charities close to the hearts of each one of us, an award was developed to encourage a diverse platform of giving by amplifying efforts already underway by each individual.